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Ray has over 18 years of business experience and 10 years of management experience. Working for both small enterprises and large multi national corporations, Ray has had phenomenal success in building significant new business territories and driven large returns from key client accounts.

Recent Experience

Director Biometric solution - Identity Match Pty Ltd fingerprint, biometric identification access and time & attendance

Biometric identity management for time and attendance & access control using world class hardware, software and specialist solutions. Fingerprint, facial recognition and vein recognition.




Director Client performance - Ziglar Australia

Through a combination of planned marketing and sales activity Ziglar Australia has quickly built itself into one of most admired sales and management training companies in Australia.


Established and delivering on a marketing and sales plan driving ‘hot enquiry’ sales for conversion through sales automation and marketing tools.

Set up business partners for accounting, marketing, publication and business support activities.

bullet Monitor and action of sales and marketing plan
bullet Work with Account Executives on territory and account strategy
bullet Comprehensive understanding of prospect markets and opportunities
bullet Contract negotiations with clients and providers
bullet Development of sales tools and templates
bullet Work with Ziglar Training Worldwide and its business partners
bullet Development of training materials for local market

ACHIEVEMENTS  Top Licensee Worldwide 2007


Prior Experience

For 6 years Ray worked with a leading Information Technology Research organisation Gartner Australasia Pty Ltd establishing the New Zealand market and more recently building an Australia and New Zealand team with the focus on high client retention and growth.

Sales success is an easy measure (at least at a high level)

Achievement with Direct Sales (NZ Market place): achieved over 20% YOY growth with an average achievement of 112% of sales target.

Achievement with team development (Australia and New Zealand): 109% of sales target in the first year. Current development in the second year is 103% of target with 1/3 of the year to finish.

The strategy for the last 2 years was go grow our presence in the Australia and New Zealand markets covering the vendor, commercial and public sector market places.

Year one: Ray grew the team 225% and achieved 103% achievement of Target.

Year two: Grew the team another 200% and achieved the top total sales bookings (TSB) team in Australia and second to top in Asia Pacific whilst also growing client retention to 86%

Key abilities

bulletTerritory strategy
bulletAccount planning
bulletOpportunity planning
bulletSales team structuring
bulletSales process engineering
bulletCRM capability modeling
bulletSales culture development
bulletSales professional development

Fiscal results are a great measure, but the focus needs to be on planning, process and culture. Ray uses leading indicators to drive the business and lagging indicators for the measurement of success. This approach ensures your organisation attract and retains a sales team that is successful, attracts more successful sales professionals through utilisation of a process that has high capability and mature in this challenging professional marketplace.

Ray is also the author of the book "Selling for Money" that has been read by thousands of successful sales people.

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